Our Industry

There are 20 million single-family residences (SFRs) in the United States, more than 19 million of which are owned by 15.5 million “very small investors,” individuals or families who own one or two units. For these rental property owners, there is little in the way of data or technology to help them understand the market rental rates for their property, find and market to the highest quality prospective tenants, and manage the ongoing maintenance of their rental units with minimal headache. Pain points like these are why more than a third of all SFR owners turn to property managers for help.

Full-service property management for SFRs is a hyper-local and highly fragmented business. And just like the owners, property managers have little in the way of data, tools, and automated processes to enable them to scale and work smartly. Further, there is a misalignment of incentives between traditional property managers and the owners they represent – managers can promise a high rental rate to win the business but do so without consequence if they secure a lower rate. They pitch fast leasing timeframes but have no skin in the game when vacancies stretch from weeks to months. Missteps on both of these fronts come at a high cost; they often are the difference between a homeowner making or losing money on their rental property each year.

Our Company

Doorstead is here to address these pain points and more which have long been considered “unfixable” by property owners. Doorstead is a full-service, digitally-driven property management company that puts both the owner and tenant customers at the center of what they do. For owners, they eliminate uncertainty by guaranteeing market rents, caps on vacancy, and cash flow. The company invested early in building local data sets and machine learning models, leveraging tens of attributes for a given home to predict market-clearing rents that minimize vacancy while maximizing owner cash flow. The Doorstead guarantee gives owners peace of mind while aligning incentives of the owner and manager.

The Team

Our administrative team is small and mighty, with most professionals wearing multiple hats and willing to handle tasks both small and large, and both tactical and strategic. We’re building up our risk functions, policies, and processes from the ground up and learning a lot along the way.

The Role

Reporting to our Head of Legal, you’ll act as not only our first paralegal but as our first compliance associate. From a broad perspective, you’ll be helping shore up our legal structure, maintain good corporate governance, and be responsible for introducing additional checks and balances into our daily operations. Your responsibilities may include:

  • Ensuring that all equity grants for the company are appropriately issued, recorded, and accounted for and that our capable is in order.
  • Ensuring that all company records are properly stored and maintained.
  • Working with our sales and operations teams to ensure that all company agreements are properly entered into, executed, warehoused, including with all key terms recorded and compiled against.
  • Ensuring that the company is complying with all local and state licensing laws applicable to its business activities. Monitor and complete licensing activities and renewals as appropriate.
  • Under the direction of the Head of Legal, research local and state statutes as it relates to residential real estate and property management.
  • Assisting with building and maintaining a compliance manual covering the key areas of the company including corporate governance and risk management, operations, human resources, and other areas.
  • Monitoring business processes
  • Using routine audits to identify potential compliance risks and to ensure that controls are working
  • Drafting and implementing new policies and procedures.
  • Educating key stakeholders about regulatory and legal requirements and changes to them.

The Ideal Candidate

You should have a strong background as a paralegal with at least 5 years of experience in that role. You’ll have supported a growing company, preferably in a previous startup or early-stage company that scaled rapidly. Even though the preferred candidate will live in the San Francisco Bay Area, because we are a fully remote-work company, you also need to be able to work independently, while still meeting key deliverables and deadlines. Having an insane ability to focus on attention to detail is going to be a necessary trait. Covid vaccination and booster required.

Skills and Qualifications

  • A bachelor's degree or higher in a related field
  • Knowledge of any relevant regulatory standards or compliance requirements for real estate and property management firms
  • Excellent computer and tech proficiency, including with collaborative tools like Slack, AirTable, Front, G-Suite, Dropbox
  • 5+ years as a paralegal
  • Paralegal certification and experience supporting corporate governance
  • Fine attention to detail
  • Critical thinking skills
  • Preferred residence in the SF Bay Area
  • A real estate license is a plus.
  • Startup experience is a plus.